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One of the biggest mistakes businesses make is focusing too much on price points, while
leaving their image behind. Most auto dealers advertise factory incentives, price, interest rates,
and although these are important messages, all dealers have the same ads that people
are simply tired of seeing. So how do you get customers to notice "you" first? This is done
by Branding your image into the customer's brain through stronger image ads. You
need to tell the public who you are and why you are unique. Once Branding has been
established, you can add direct sales information into your ads with more results.

Print Design
Maas Creative offers the finest print design available for a low cost. With many Addy
Awards earned with our print designs, it's common to see samples of our work on national
best print ad catalogs for Chrysler Corporation and others. Unlike most agencies, Maas
Creative never uses clip art cookie cutter ads, or entry level artists. Our ads have a bigger
impact to the public so you are notices first.. Why pay more for less quality?

Whether creating character drawings, cartoons, or life-like illustrations.... Maas Creative
will deliver. We have a proven track record for increasing sales for auto dealers and other
businesses by creating cartoon images for TV and print ads. Using a cartoon image of business
owners, or a store mascot will make people talk about your ads, and also give your advertising
a personal touch. Let us help you to brand your dealership name in the brains of the public.

Audio Production
The key to our great in-house audio production can be described in one word... Talent!
Maas Creative never has to farm-out to other studios like many advertising agencies do.
We have professional musicians and song writers on staff to provide the best quality.
Our in-house studio also means you get the lowest price possible for production.
We take pride in creating creative jingles, radio, and TV audio beds. We have the
largest audio special effects and music libraries available, and if that's not enough, we
simply create our own original music or sound effects.

Video Production
How do we create the best award winning TV spots?... With our in-house video editing
facility. Maas Creative produces the highest quality HD television ads possible.
From concept, on-location video taping, animation and video editing, we do it all.
Our custom cartoon animation will help you be noticed and remembered by the public.
Other ad agencies simple have to charge more when they subcontract to outside sources.

Media Placement
Our philosophy is simple, no matter how good your TV or radio spots are, no one will
see or hear them if they are not placed in the right time slot, and media programming.
Maas Creative will work hard to make sure you get the best results for your media dollars.
Let us help you increase your sales with better ads, and a better media flight.

Web Services
Why pay web hosting company tons of money to build you an overly complicated web site
that takes too long to load, and is expensive to maintain? We can save you a lot of money
by creating a clean web site that requires little or no maintenance.